May 13, 2014

Shelly Chronicles: Maxipad on wheels

On the road with Lisa and Shelly.
Officer Margot could kill a man with those legs.
Yooooooowho Lil Fox.
Mark Rogers to the rescue.
I asked for this portrait and this is what he gave.
Tina's nonstop serenade suited us fine. Doll by Winnipeg artist Suzie Smith :)
Who gave these two assclowns permission to leave the province? WE DID. And we had a flippen' ball while we were at it. Friendly Manitoba to Worst-Case-Ontario. Four days of chaos, sing alongs, roaring fires and much laughter. Dear old Shelly, Lisa's '75 Ford Funcraft took a few necessary breathers on the side of the 17 highway but we were always rescued in no time by beautiful characters willing to have their portraits taken after the old gal roared back to life. This trip was hysterical and necessary for two friends reunited after many moons apart. Youdon'tevenkna

* Kiev 60 TTL // 220 expired NPC 160

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  1. nothin like a good ol-fashioned road trip. hopefully i can get one in this summer! my dream is to go all the way to the east coast.