September 17, 2015

Portraits of Emotions

Delight in each other as brother and sister, together again after too long.
Pure just-married joy.
Beautiful hysterics.
Portrait of mystery. How many lives has this man lived I wonder?
Apprehension and anxiety propped up against steadfast love and delight in it all.
Enjoying the weight of a healthy new soul, he is. This is my dad in true form.
Strength, joy and support. This is my family.
At ease amidst celebration.
Coy spirit is Izzy.
This is a portrait of deep pride and deep sorrow captured in a precious moment.
The wedding of my dear cousin Sara and her beloved Anthony was an event to remember. I photographed freely and easily, soaking in the wonder of it all. Where was Marj? She was there in sprit, giving the gift of light for her baby girl's wedding day. The hazy light was unbelievable. Remarkable. I tried not to take it for granted as I shot and shot and shot. I would like to write more on this beautiful day, but for now I will let this small photo essay on EMOTION do the narrating for me. More to come.

Delta 400

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