September 27, 2015

Happy Trails

Last weekend six friends piled into a family van after a wild work week and hit the open road. We took our time making our way to Clearwater, Manitoba for the much anticipated 14th annual Harvest Moon Festival. It was a life-giving weekend of strolling with my lover and our friends. Fellowship during the most beautiful time of year! There was much laughter punctuated by good meals, plenty of meandering along the riverbed with the freedom to stop here and there to lie down in the light or duck into the trees for shade from the bright autumn sun. There was a constant stream of beautiful music being performed from a straw bale stage to absorb. I can hardly wrap my head around the positive energy and overwhelming sense of community, safety and acceptance that I felt at this year's Harvest Moon Festival.

I took time to wander off alone in the early morning light on Saturday to climb down the steep valley wall like a nimble goat into the dry riverbed below. The light slowly crept in as the sun rose and splashed down, down, down into the deep crevice where I sat criss-crossed on an inviting rock in the middle of the water's pathway. Sitting in peace, I felt the heavy weight of a harsh learning curve of new school, new job, new rhythm leave my shoulders. I sat for a long while, wishing for a pen and paper to transcribe the feeling. There was nothing on my person but a loaded camera, a boiled egg and a croissant-- so I ate in silence and wrote internally. I need to practice sitting with myself more, empty handed with nothing but my thoughts. It was a good for the soul getaway to say the very least.

Here are some photos I felt compelled to capture while observing people in a beautiful landscape.
Portra 160 / Pentax K 1000

This is where I am; right where I need to be. 


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  1. Wow I love these, so good. Looks like the best camp spot too. Where did you camp here?