September 24, 2015

Tony X Suzie

Here is a funny tail end of the roll photo story showcasing a funny and very impromptu try on party / photo shoot captured way back in early August at the Tony X Suzie summer trunk sale hosted by Lisa Kehler Art + Projects. What a fun celebration of two female artists just DOING IT in sweet, old Winnipeg. Jill Sawatzky and Suzie Smith came together and threw their individual talents of print and form into the magic cauldron between them and out came a flying, fun run of summertime throw-overs: a tunic dress as well as a structured top made out of easy breezy muslin. Hand printed and graphically designed by master printer Suzie Smith and drawn up and hand sewn by Jill of Tony Chestnut.

Punchy and peachy.

The models in these funny photos are not only Tony Chestnut and Suzie Smith fans, loyal shoppers and supporters, gallery owners, social workers and jewelry makers; they are all around good folks and Winnipeg powerhouses standing up for other Winnipeg powerhouses. That is something I can get behind!

Thanks for humoring me behind the camera!

Delta 400 / Pentax K 1000 (thanks be to Suzie for handing over the mint Pretty Girl Pentax on which this roll of Delta was shot). It works! Thank you!

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