April 10, 2013

Breaking trail

As a woman who has spent a fair portion of time walking around in nature, this particular journey alongside, behind, in front of Craig, my cousin Jen and her guy Jesse was one of the most epic walk-ins to date. Jen's family owns the Sugar Shack deep down in the Pembina Valley and they are very, very generous as to how and with whom they share it.

Craig's big beauty of a grin in the second image spells it right out. Good trip! The photos in this series are straight off a roll of Ektar 100 in consecutive order in which they were shot. High sun and crisp air.

The snow was too deep and soft to sled through so we strapped on our rookie snowshoes, piled our bags on our backs, slipped flasks into breast pockets and forged ahead through the most beautiful terrain together. This land is special. This land makes me proud to call Manitoba home.

This land is part of my soul.

Yesterday I saw my sister swinging serenely in a hammock across the globe. Morning for her, nighttime for me. It is plain as day that is the land of her soul. She knows it, feels it and breathes it. Thailand is her place.

The valley is my place to feel free. With the city left behind, the fire becomes the focus. We cook and eat simply, we laugh and drink and walk together or alone. The big black dog takes time to cover ground, marking territory in between bounding wild and free in long strides like a dog is supposed to do.

When I look in that little mirror, I see the face of a woman I miss. The valley was her place too. I suppose that is why I return each time, searching for clues of her soul.

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  1. I feel her through your photos and words. Thank you.