April 19, 2013


Expired color film gone wild! That I like.

Listening to Do Make Say Think's besides, thanks to my main squeeze who pushed me in the right direction.

The wind really gave it today.

Leo needed to be held, reassured, hugged so many times today. On Fridays at the Ruby house, I morph into Suzy the power cleaner. In reality Suzy is a tough as nails Paraguayan woman who has seen her fair share in life. She left the job due to knee surgery about a month ago and I miss her weekly presence. She taught me a lot about the clean! Vinegar and boiling water. Elbow grease. Simple, strong just like her. It's funny to feel compelled to write about a woman I hardly know. Admiration in practice. Today I tried to follow her lead and do a good job. In between the snaking vacuum, Leo played contentedly in a world his own. It's is a real wonder to watch a boy so small, learn so quick. Leo's word du jour? READY


Pretty neat to hear it practiced as the day went on. Baby messages well received. Thanks for the reminder to be ready Leo. I love you dearly. Ready when you are.

While cruising at top speed in the stroller, he also practiced Mama, Daddy, Teddy and the occasional Maymay. All the players were spoken.

Wind pushed me home sideways and it felt so good to blast back up those stairs with tears, snot and sweat all over my face. Sure sign of a good ride!

Keep rolling.

Cool birthday presents received this year (in no particular order):

- Birthday Bread wrapped in a tea towel. Toast so good!
- a fat stack of girly fabric
- Fuck. Pillow made with joy. Chanel if I were a pillow... I tell ya.
- one pair of loose blue overalls thanks to Fritz, Milky and Rudy.
- two beauty bottles of South African and Chilean rouge
- one sexy full face Shoei from Guy


Spring is in. The wind said so.

I submitted some new photos to Poster, an online Winnipeg publication. The original tear away interview was too confusing for their platform so I will lay it here without shame. It really is good to be home. I love Winnipeg.

Grit and all.

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