April 15, 2013

Kitchen Work

Colin works the line.
Head Chef Aron and Hank take a milk crate break.
A real fish out of water.
Madge on pasta duty. Photo. Aron Epp
Mystery kitchen shot through the rolling rack. Photo. ???

Kitchen camera: Yashica rangefinder with flashkit/ October through December 2012/ Tmax 400.

These images are the result of leaving a camera on a shelf at eye level for a good month in the beautiful kitchen of Elements on Portage. You never know who will approach a photographic moment when a camera is close at hand. Shoot this thing! Kitchen portrait photography inspires me.

The top shot of my mate Colin is strong. He is a rare beauty. Receiving that shot took many moons. Thanks McIlwain.


  1. nice! i like the top one as well. kitchen photography should be a thing, if it isn't already.