April 16, 2013


Twenty seven and going strong! Here is to another great year of learning and living. Lord knows what the twenty seventh trip around the sun will bring!

Leo and I began this day with peanut butter toast, many espresso, Dr. Seuss and Lauryn Hill on full blast. Boyboy's word du jour? Moon. Moon. Moon. Moon. Child of my soul, he knows me well by now. A new word is the greatest gift!

This is us, real time.


  1. I love that you were born! Happy day, pretty girl.

  2. hbd lady. dig the train conductor overalls.

  3. Thanks all y'all! Muchas gracias! I ended the day with an unreal dinner at a Peruvian place on Sargeant with Creme and a brand new full face helmet for my motorbike! Top shelf kinda day.