April 21, 2013

Rich is life

Lunch for two made by Nadia at Corrientes. 
Last of the winter, first of the playground.
Le Yum.
Creatures on the loose.
Photography lessons.
Grandma lessons.
Two turds on the loose.
How any of these photos from the Natural Cycle party exposed correctly, I'll never know. But I'm sure glad they did.
Thing 1 with his Auntie Pam. (Effie)
Thing 2 at the window to greet us. (Noam)
Chef Raverbaby.
Heidi meets my mother.
Babmba Teresa about to read to Leo.

This sample from a roll of Ilford FP4 took a hot chemical bath this afternoon. Dried off and ready. Here you go. A look in to the last of my winter.


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